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Pictures are courtesy of BAE SYSTEMS

Available BAE-146 Versions
Includes list of airlines using them

Versions Seats Used by (sample)
BAE 146-100 70-84 Australian Air Express, Qantas, Dan-Air, AirPac, Aspen Airways, British Caribbean, CAAC, Gov't Mali, Royal West, TABA, Queen's Flight, StarPeru
BAE 146-200 85-100 SA Airlink, Qantas, Eurowings, Sabena, Air Wisconsin, AirCal, Ansett (in it's prior life), Hawaiian, Pacific Southwest, TNT, Pelita, StarPeru, African Airlines Investments
BAE 146-300 100-112 Australian Air Express, Qantas, Eurowings, African Airlines Investments
BAE 146 QT Quiet Trader TNT, Pan Air Lineas, Ansett (no longer operating), Air Foyle
BAE 146 QC Quick Change Flybe, Axis Airways
BAE 146
VIP or Corporate Transport Version United Kingdom Royal Squadron
BAE 146-STA Military Transport Version United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia
Please email us if you have additional information

BAe 146 History
See the official BAE SYSTEMS site for more details

The BAe 146 first flew commercially in 1983. The aircraft was designed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of the regional air transport market where heavy utilisation over short sector lengths coupled with high reliability are paramount requirements. Outstanding airfield performance and whisper-jet noise levels are other attributes of the aircraft, which offers excellent profit potential on low-density routes. A total of 221 BAe 146s were built and 219 were delivered between 1983 and 1993 when it was succeeded by the Avro RJ Series. Three different length versions of the BAe 146 were built - the Series 100 with 70-84 seats, the 200 Series with 85-100 seats and the 300 Series with 100-112 seats. The aircraft was also manufactured as a pure freighter (QT- Quiet Trader), a QC- Quick Change variant and as a VIP transport aircraft (the Statesman) (see BAE Systems for more information). Also, please check out the very informative Wikipedia entry for the BAe-146.

Aircraft for X-Plane
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File: BAe 146-100 Flybe for X-Plane xplane
(Filename: xp9_flybe.zip) - BAe 146-100 Flybe for X-Plane

BAe 146-100 Flybe aircraft created by Andreas Much of The Avroliner Project. Andreas develops models for X-Plane 7 through 9 based on the very popular BAe 146 aircraft type. This download includes the Flybe livery to be used with Andreas' base BAe 146. Requires the BAe 146-100/RJ100 aircraft from The Avroliner Project. Andreas has done a very nice job creating the model and graphics. The special, included cockpit has good detail and a 3D version, although the 3D details are lacking comparable models available for Flight Simulator X. The aircraft includes moving parts, including moving gear and flaps, along with rotating jet turbines. Installation of this livery is very easy - unzip the download into the "liveries" folder within the aircraft's directory (create the "liveries" directory if it doesn't exist yet). Flybe Limited is a British airline based at Exeter International Airport, England. It operates over 180 routes between over 55 European airports. The airline's largest base is Southampton Airport and it has other large bases at Manchester Airport, Birmingham Airport and Belfast City Airport and a total of 14 aircraft and crew bases across the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man. Flybe started operations on November 1, 1979 as Jersey European Airways (JEA), after taking over the operations of Intra Airways. Jersey European Airways was the brainchild of John Habin, a resident of Jersey and the majority investor in JEA. Having sold Aviation Beauport and other business interests, Habin established a few key routes from Jersey to the UK. Jersey European Airways was taken over in 1983 by Jack Walker's Walker Steel Group who were already the parent company of Blackpool based charter airline Spacegrand Aviation. The two airlines were run separately, with partially shared management, until their amalgamation within the Walker Aviation Group in 1985, under the Jersey European name. The airline rebranded as British European in June 2000, shortening this title to Flybe on July 18, 2002 and repositioning itself as a full service, low-fare airline. On November 3, 2006 it was announced that agreement in principle had been reached for Flybe to acquire BA Connect, with the exception of London City Airport services. The acquisition was completed in March 2007. The airline is owned by Rosedale Aviation Holdings (69%), Flybe staff (16%) and British Airways (15%) as a consequence of the acquisition of BA Connect. It has 3,000 employees at January 2008. A version of this aircraft is available for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (9) here.

Author: Andreas Much | Size: 4.22MB | Added: 2009-06-20 | Downloaded 9825 times

File: BAe 146 / AVRO RJ-85 Lufthansa xplane
(Filename: Avro-RJ85_Lufthansa_v35.zip) - BAe 146 / AVRO RJ-85 Lufthansa

XP7. This is a wonderful X-Plane v. 7 model of the Avro RJ-85 (also known as the BAe 146-200). Created by Benjamin Andreas and Matthias Helbig, this aircraft package contains premium graphics, cockpit and functionality. For BAe/Avro fans, a visit to Benjamin and Matthias' website is a must: http://xplane.andreasbenjamin.com/. Thank you for creating this jewel.
Author: Andreas Benjamin | Size: 18MB | Added: 2005-03-01 | Downloaded 15227 times

BAe 146 Videos

  Aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator
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File: BAe 146-200 QT Fed Ex and UPS (FS2004 and FS X) fsx
(Filename: 1462qt6.zip) - BAe 146-200 QT Fed Ex and UPS (FS2004 and FS X)

FedEx and UPS versions of the very popular BAE 146-200 QT. This version is native for FS2004 but will work without problems in FS X. The FedEx screenshots are with FS2004. The UPS screenshots are with FS X. High detail model of the cargo version of BAe's successful 146/RJ aircraft type. Model features fully animated gear with suspension, animated flaps, rudder, wing spoilers activated on the ground and tail spoiler in the air, 3D engine fan blades, animated front door with airstair, animated rear cargo door with access ladder, reflective textures and dynamic shine effects. This model also features 'AIS' Animated Inbuilt Scenery feature upon engine shut down. FedEx Corporation is a leading logistics services company, based in the United States. FedEx is a syllabic abbreviation of the company's original name, Federal Express, used until 1994. BAE Systems plc (BAE) is a British defence and aerospace company headquartered at Farnborough, UK, which has worldwide interests, particularly in North America through its subsidiary BAE Systems Inc. BAE is the world's third largest defence contractor and the largest in Europe. The BAe 146 is a medium-sized commercial aircraft which was manufactured in the United Kingdom by British Aerospace (which later became part of BAE Systems). Production ran from 1983 until 2002. For use with FS X, note that you will need to specify the correct file path during the installation process. So, instead of installing to "Microsoft Flight Simulator 9" install to "Microsoft Flight Simulator X/SimObjects/Airplanes/."
Author: Jon Murchison | Size: 2.36MB | Added: 2008-02-17 | Downloaded 35328 times

File: Turkish Airlines BAe 146-100 (FS X, FS2004, FS2002) fsx
(Filename: bae146_turk.zip) - Turkish Airlines BAe 146-100 (FS X, FS2004, FS2002)

Original aircraft model by Jon Murchison who has gratiously permitted fsaerospace.com to host his BAe 146 aircraft for free download.This particular model, the 146-100 Turkish Airlines type, can be used with FS2002, FS2004 AND FSX without conversions. In FS X, simply copy the folder into the appropriate "Airplanes" directory. See the readme file for more information. The BAe 146-100 (also known as Avro RJ100) is generally known as a reliable short-range haul aircraft. There have been several crashes involving BAe 146-100s, however. In 2003, a Turkish Airlines BAe 146-100 plane destined for Diyarbakir, a Turkish town near the border to Iraq, crashed after successful departure from Istanbul. Seventy-one of the 75 passengers onboard dies as well as four of five crew members. For more information on the BAe 146-100 series, please visit the Plane-Spotter.com BAe 146 Web site.
Author: Jon Murchison & Targan Unutmaz | Size: 1.2MB | Added: 2009-02-08 | Downloaded 12599 times

File: BAe 146-300 Flybe fs2004
(Filename: flybae.zip) - BAe 146-300 Flybe

This BAe 146-300 has a wonderful paint job and completes the fsaerospace collection of BAe 146 aircraft. Aircraft created by Tan Phillip and Fernando Martinez and is available for download at no charge! Please see authors' readme file for further copyright information.

Contains movable parts and highly detailed model. Very nice screenshots possible.
A version of the BAe 146-300 Flybe for X-Plane 9.x is available for download, too (Click here).

Author: Tan Phillip and Fernando Martinez | Size: 3.82MB | Added: 2004-10-29 | Downloaded 14941 times

File: BAe 146QT /AVRO RJ-100 fs2002
(Filename: 146tnt.zip) - BAe 146QT /AVRO RJ-100

The author calls this a BAe 146-300. Being a freighter, the more accurate description is Bae 146 QT (Quiet Trader).
This aircraft model has been designed using FSDSPro by Abacus. It features a 32 sided fuselage, spinning wheels, 3D spinning engine fans, 3D flightdeck with crew, fully animated gear, flaps, ailerons, spoilers and night lighting. The main gear 'hang' while in the air, and take the load of the aircraft once on the ground.

The model also features what I refer to as 'IS' technology. This is 'inbuilt scenery', which will appear once the engines have been shut down (CTRL+SHIFT+F1) This new model features an interactive component of 'IS' which allows the user to turn on and off various parts of the 'IS' scenery to suit his/her own wishes. Use the rudder (Enter and O/ins key on the Numeric Keypad (NP)), elevator (The 8 and 2 keys on the NP), and aileron keys (4 and 6 on the NP) to activate/dis-activate the 'IS' scenery. Play around to see what keys do what. Check the IS_help file for more details.

The model also features 'Pushback' technology. When you start the engines (CTRL+F1) and leave the landing lights turned off, the push back tug will stay connected to your aircraft until a successful engine start has been completed. Using FS2002's pushback feature (SHIFT+P) brings 'Pushback' technology to life. Once engine 4 has started, the tug will disconnect and leave you to your flight.

Author: Jon Murchison | Size: 1.4MB | Added: 2003-12-24 | Downloaded 8150 times

File: BAe 146-100 / AVRO RJ70 fs2002
(Filename: bae146100.zip) - BAe 146-100 / AVRO RJ70

The British built BAe 146-100/Avro RJ70 is the shortest member of the 146 family of aircraft, coming in over 16 feet shorter than its big brother the 300. Using the same engines and wing as the larger 200 and 300 variants, the 100 appears overly stubby. Having impressive STOL capabilities, the 100 is used extensively by airlines on regional routes, with the most famous example used as the Queens flight in Great Britain.

Day and night textures, 3D main and nose gear bays, steerable front gear without the rudder moving on the ground, spinning wheels, fully animated double slotted leading edge flaps, hanging main gear in the air, animated rear and wing spoilers, 3D engine fans, night lighting, transparent cockpit windows with oil effects and flight crew. Truely a fantastic model!

Author: Jon Murchison | Size: 1.2MB | Added: 2003-12-24 | Downloaded 6491 times

Seat Configuration of a BAe 146-100
(Most airlines prefer 5 seat rows) Click on the image to view a full version.

Submit your BAe 146 Information, pictures or files. Send all information or requests to the webmaster (Click here to use the online email form) including readme.txt stating that material can be posted on websites such as fsaerospace.com

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